Brochure Printing

Time for a Spring Clean?

Is your brand in need of a spring clean? Is it beginning to look stale and needs a spruce up?

Quality branding is an essential part of business success because branding creates consistency, provides a distinct identity and makes your business easily recognisable.


  • Update your images
  • Refresh your colour palette
  • Revise your fonts

Perhaps your logo, colours and typeface are 10+ years old and looking a bit tired.  You may have seen some new hip competitor appear in the marketplace with a slicker and more memorable brand and realise it is time for an update.

Dust of your Marketing Collateral

It may just be that you are still giving out old brochures or product catalogues that are dated and not properly representing your brand and business offering.

Does your wording reflect where your business is today? Do you need new photography?

  • Colour trends are changing year-on-year
  • Updating your typeface to improve readability
  • Branding should be uniform across your business

Social media

Perhaps your LinkedIn or Facebook page hasn’t been touched since it was created 4+ years ago and isn’t representing you well.  It may be time to remove outdated accounts or material or give them a spruce up and use them a bit more regularly.


So if you are itching for a refresh, Plenty Valley Printing can help with graphic design, printing and promotional products.

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